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Chat Chat, Stringkiller's cat

Another very nice member of the Stringkiller clan is Chat Chat, our 20 year old cat. I hope I'm in as good as shape as she is when I get to be that age.

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The Stringkiller family cat

Chat tends to wait up for me as in these shots taken at about 7 o'clock on a Sunday Morning in July 99

Sometimes I think it's just for the food.

Or maybe she is still waiting on her 'cheap sunglasses'?

Why you keep singing about the Crimson Tide Stringkiller?

Isn't she lovely?

Are you ready to feed me now?

I'm gonna move to the outskirts of town

It should have been me

It's been a hard day's night

Roll me over

Don't talk about club owners to me ;-(

Ok you want to talk?

Oh man I don't want to hear about which guitar you used and how you got a good sound. Chill out bro' you home now !

Gibson, Fender what's the difference?

Actually as you don't look in any shape to feed me,
I'm gonna roll over and sleep.

Good Stringkiller, let's go downstairs and talk

Chat Chat has already been featured in the Dr Pickup site, this was to do with her diet during the Soccer world cup.

Chat Chat's other website
The Summer 1999 update

Summer 2000 Chat Chat - Where's Waldo chacha update

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