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Stringkiller's Friends and family Part 2

Music is a universal language, music knows of no boundaries except our own imagination . Wherever I travel I will always meet kindred souls who feel for the same kinds of music as I do. Follow the last two links to visit one of the most beautiful gardens in the Northern Hemisphere ;-)

The Dr Pickup Real Audio Files

Bruce Stringkiller's family and friends

Dinky and Tina, Chatchat, Robin Lent, Cousin Gillian, Shrimp City Slim and his band, Robert Jackson, Louis Talon, Elena, my niece with her parents and my friend Jack Jensen and his parents

The first and foremost person in my life is my great friend and wife, Dinky. Here she is with her great friend Tina, from Nairobi, Kenya

Tina and her husband Bruce were there when this song took form in Del Rio Texas.
The Texas Tbone Walk from our first studio CD (2 minutes 52 seconds)
28.8k modem stream

Chatchat, the Stringkiller family cat greeting me as I get home in the early morning.

Here she is - Chatchat the Stringkiller cat.

Here's a picture of a friend Robin Lent from his CD.

Here's the cover of Robin's latest CD. It all original songs and it wails. I'm am waiting for his permission to put some of the songs up here so you can hear them.

This is my cousin Gillian, Dinky took this photo and it's already a great photo and the smoke just gets in your eyes and makes it better.

Pascal and I (and our families) went to the Charleston area for our summer holidays where we got to meet and play with different people. One neat band was Gary Erwin's. He goes under the name of Shrimp City Slim and his current band includes Jerome on bass and Drums, Silent Eddie on guitar and Jerome, Gary, Wanda and Pearl on vocals. If you get the chance to catch them do it as they have a cool show and super repertoire of hot original songs. Click on the link to have a listen (and to buy the CDs)

Here they are playing at the Maxwell Café in Paris (May 99)
For a year after Jack Vodka left the band for work reasons, Robert Jackson came and helped us out on bass. He's such a good guitarist that we did at least one set an evening with him on guitar and I played the bass. Here we are at the Rock and Roll café.

Robert is a full time musician and he also teaches. I have put some people onto him and they have all progressed and one of them Robert got rid of because he wasn't serious about learning. He is a GIT graduate, Guitar Institute of Technology and a fully acredited Ecole Normale Superieur graduate, but also he does sessions and jingles. If you are looking for a highly competant musician, who is also a great guy hire him.
Here's Robert's web site his email. Better mail him as he looks like he needs help with his web site - you know that under construction stuff.

Luis Talon, a great French composer.
Click on the link to hear Bottomline and Stringkiller helping Luis making a CD.

Two summer trips to Claude Monets house in Giverny

Elena, my niece with her parents

My friend
Jack Jensen and his parents

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The Dr Pickup Real Audio Files

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